A laugher. A true story teller. A daydreamer. 


Creative + Passionate

I am this ordinary, short asian person born and raised in this stunning, colorful country called Taiwan.  Many, many years ago, I dreamed of becoming a stand-up comedian because watching people laugh is incredibly soul-lifting, but I couldn't even tell a good joke. Then I discovered the magic of food that brings flavors to people’s lives. I vowed to be a chef until I almost cut off my ten fingers. Finally, when I got my first camera, who I named “Baby Rico,” I learned that my true passion was capturing human emotion. I can never find the right words to tell you how my heart moves when I capture and preserve the moment.

currently: eating snow with hot pepper jam


Inspiration + love

My family is biggest inspiration in my life. They teach me how to love in the deepest way and see love in more honesty way.

currently: flight like cats and dogs

Where I grew up-Taiwan

Take a few minutes to be in my shoes and see through my eyes. You will know, for sure, this beautiful world contains a few more shades of color, the sky looks brighter, and people love kinder. You will just know why I photograph. This is the way I honestly preserve your moments, so you can hold them in your hands forever.